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  1. Hi, I am an amateur media enthusiast and novice pc enthuisiats from the UK. I would appreciate someones help and advice if possible.
    I am running media centre on vista home premium sp1. It is on a laptop pc connected to a tv & surround speakers and works well as standalone. I connect to it remotely using windows remote desktop from my other laptop running windows xp pro sp3. I want to be able to play the music within media centre remotely so I have set the computer sound options within remote desktop local resources to ‘leave audio at remote’. When i log on remotely the audio icon in the taskbar has a cross next to it and gives me the message ‘no audio output device is installed’. When I try to play a music file from within media centre I get the mesage ‘there is no audio hardware available or the hardware is not responding’.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Interesting place to post a comment, but let’s see what we can do to help.
    I’d suggest using VNC or LogMeIn in your case, in order to have access to the console session.
    If I understand correctly, your issue has more to do with audio redirection from your client PC than it does with your media centre, and connecting directly to the console (as if you were in front of it) should resolve that for you.

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