blandname forum open!

I haven’t been getting much feedback on the latest poll, and it’s probably my fault because it’s positioned under the adverts… oh well.

As a lazy developer and software-lover, my only choice is to implement ALL of the SEO Services Sydney solutions, one at a time.

So that’s how we got here with our second real announcement, after the Digg plugin for Pandion (thanks to 43things for reminding me once weekly that I needed to start an open-source project).

I’ve opened a forum for all to use – you can feel free to post tech support questions, links you have found, or just general chit-chat if need be. I’ve set up a pretty good spam filtering system, but we’ll see how it works. I honestly have a hard time believing anything could work as well as Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma 2 plugin for WordPress.

So head on over to the blandname forum and check it out!

I’ve set up BBPress there, and to be honest it was a cinch. I’ll post a how to do SEO in Montreal later, but it’s not so involved. I was able to get modrewrite going right away – which in my opinion is an absolute necessity for proper SEO, including the small business SEO. I will be attempting to integrate the themes and users via MySQL shortly, so if you’ve registered with blandname, you’ll have access to the forums as well.

Digg Plugin for Pandion

What it is:

How it was written:

  • Digg for Pandion was based on the Slashdot plugin for Pandion, with added Base64 Digg icons, and a bit of CSS.


  • Add Digg buttons so you can Digg up articles of interest, or comment on them.
  • Allow users to select different Digg feeds that the plugin could display.

Click here to download the blandname Digg plugin for Pandion (0.1-alpha)

How to install the plugin:

  • Unzip the file and simply copy the plugin to the Pandion plugins folder. The plugin will create all the necessary files needed at runtime automatically.