Civilization 5 Tactics and Strategies

This post will outline and detail strategies, tips, tricks, cheats and tactics for Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Civ5/CivV). Call it an FAQ of sorts. Let’s get on with it, shall we? Some quick observations: Open borders allows you to surround an enemy, then attack. This works wonders later on. The trebuchet seems a bit overpowered, […]

CONTEST – Call of Duty: World at War Beta Code

OK here goes, I┬áhave a Call of Duty: WaW beta code that I don’t need. I’m going to do a random draw from the first 25 responses, then give it away! So far, the beta is awesome. This isn’t CoD4, but pretty darn good just the same. Just so you guys know I’m not pulling […]

CoD4 1.1 Patch – mss32.dll not found

Many people are having issues with the new Call of Duty 4 patch reporting that they get the error “mss32.dll not found” – this is caused by the patch being improperly installed – or not being installed properly. When iw3mp.exe is run on its own, it tries to run Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, but […]

Modding CoD4

Modding Call of Duty 4 is not as easy as modding other versions, but here are some tips to get you started if you never done it before. First off, in order to get into the IWD files, you simply need to rename them to have a .ZIP extension, and open them in WinRAR, WinACE […]

Call of Duty 4 Unlocked Weapons List

Assault Rifles: M16A4 AK-47 M4 Carbine G3 G36C – Unlocked at Lieutenant Colonel (Lv37) M14 – Unlocaked at Major General (Lv46) MP44 – Unlocked at General (Lv52) Sub Machine Guns: MP5 Shorpion Mini-Uzi AK-74u – Unlocked at 1st Lieutenant (Lv28) P90 – Unlocked at Colonel (Lv40) Light Machine Guns: M249 SAW RPD M60E4 Shotguns: W1200 […]