Right Click Using Your Keyboard (Windows)

Here’s a quick tip:

You can right-click just as if you were using a mouse, but without using your mouse, using the shift and F10 keys together.

For example, if you’d like to extract a .RAR in a directory, simply press END, cursor up, then shift+F10 and extract! Voila! Easy as pie extract in every folder in windows with 4 keystrokes.

More tips coming soon as the new year kicks off to a good start folks! We will also be giving away some codes for elo boost services from elitist-gaming.com!

Review: Parallels Compressor Server

I have recently purchased Parallels Compressor Server because I work with virtual machines on a daily basis and also because it is CHEAP. At $179 this is very affordable software, even for someone on a budget – like me. Why purchase the software? What Parallels Compressor Server does is pretty complicated, but it comes down to one thing: if you run a Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 R2 virtual machine (VM), Parallels Compressor Server speeds it up insanely. It removes unwanted services, temp files, files you’ll never need in a VM, and the same goes for drivers. Parallels also tunes things like network drivers in order to take full advantage of the virtualization.

Installation is a snap. It’s pretty much next, next, next through the Windows client installation. You enter your key, and are allowed to make a CDROM image for later use with the VM. Use you have finished, you boot the VM using the CD image and start the process (which can take some time). Parallels Compressor Server does it’s magic, and you reboot. HUZZAH! Faster VM just like that.

Conclusion – you may run a free virtualization platform – but how fast is it? For $179, Parallels Compressor Server is a steal.

No disclaimers needed – I am in no way affiliated with the software, I’m just that impressed.