Azure Cloud Shell Daily Driver (Zsh + Vim + Git + Tf + K8s)

Customizing Azure Cloud Shell with Zsh and Fish for use with Terraform, Git and Kubernetes We’ll go over customizing your Azure Cloud Shell in a way that helps you get things done on a daily basis in vim, git, terraform and kubernetes. Azure Cloud shell is super handy because you can get to it over […]

Disable Natural Scrolling in macOS Catalina

This is perhaps the first thing I do on all OSX machines: set the scroll to match my Linux and Windows computers. No judgement call as to which way is “right”, I’m simply used to this by now, and instead of changing it on two other operating systems, scripting it on only one seemed easier. […]

Tada 68 Pro Akko x Maxkey on MacOS

Interesting name for a “Tada 68” board, but it looks like this has a non-programmable PCB, unlike the “Saber 68” (new Tada 68). That being said, it has most of what you want aside from the ability to set up function combos to send the four-key keyboard shortcuts. The easiest change is the alt/Windows key […]

Flashing HHKB Jp Controller Mac Layout Hex

Having recently received Hasu’s fantastic HHKB JP Bluetooth Controller, I noticed one irksome thing: the alt and command keys were reversed on the left hand side, and the kana key that I typically remap to right command was reverted. This is normal: the keyboard targets Windows users primarily, but one thing you lose when upgrading […]

Getting Started with Salt Stack Windows Minions

This how-to on Windows Salt minions will just scratch the surface of the power behind Salt, and will cover remote execution, installation and management. Please note: I’m new to Salt, and I’m a recovering Windows syasdamin from the 2000-2013 era. This means I probably have a bunch of out-moded ways of working with Windows. To […]

Stop Windows 10 Update Notifications from Interrupting Your Games

I had taken quite the hiatus from Windows gaming while I worked on certification, but got a chance to have some quick Overwatch sessions last night, only to have one of the competitive matches interrupted by a popup that took me out of the game (I was able to alt-tab back in) that stated the […]

New Zeal60 Keyboard Layout – Split Backspace, Split Right Shift, ANSI

I’ve really been enjoying the programmable firmware on the Zeal60 keyboard PCB from ZealPC. It’s definitely not all the bells and whistles, this layout gives you 62 keys in total, though you might need a keycap set that supports all of these keys. I’m currently using the Originative Co ┬áModern Beige set, though I hear […]

Building Zeal60 Keymaps on OSX

Before starting, this guide requires Homebrew, which you can install from here: Open Terminal, and paste in the following. It will take a while to build, but you should be able to get it all done in one fell swoop: cd git clone cd qmk_firmware git branch zeal60 cd keyboards/zeal60 git submodule update […]

Getting Started with the ZealPC Zeal60 Keyboard PCB

Recently I picked up a Zeal 60 printed circuit board from BC-based ZealPC, and I couldn’t be happier! The board supports a few layouts for now, though it’s open source, and you can either fork it to add your own, or add a pull request to share with the community. The first thing you’ll want […]