Building Zeal60 Keymaps on OSX

Before starting, this guide requires Homebrew, which you can install from here:

Open Terminal, and paste in the following. It will take a while to build, but you should be able to get it all done in one fell swoop:

git clone
cd qmk_firmware
git branch zeal60
cd keyboards/zeal60
git submodule update --init --recursive
brew tap osx-cross/avr
brew install avr-gcc avr-libc dfu-programmer

You can then make your keymap, like so:

  • make keymap=default
  • make keymap=poker2_ansi
  • make keymap=poker2_iso
  • make keymap=hhkb_ansi

You can run them all if you want, but you’ll probably only need one šŸ™‚

Once you have your firmware, you can flash like so (for HHKB ANSI):

sudo dfu-programmer atmega32u4 erase --force
sudo dfu-programmer atmega32u4 flash hhkb_ansi.hex
sudo dfu-programmer atmega32u4 reset

8 thoughts on “Building Zeal60 Keymaps on OSX

      • Ah, yeah I figured it out when I saw the branch on GitHub. Thanks!

        Btw, how did you generate the hex files from keymap.c on Mac? Is it with avr-gcc?

          • Got it. Luckily I was able to use the .hex file your provided in your other post since I’m using the same HHKB layout. šŸ™‚

            I just finished my build not too long ago and noticed that the LEDs for the top right key (tilde/backtick) and Fn key don’t light up for me. Does yours light up?

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