Call of Duty 4 Unlockables

Here is the list of unlockable items in CoD4 (Call of Duty 4 via weapon challenges and such):

1 All Starting Equipment
2 Demolitions Class (Shotgun)
3 Sniper Class (Sniper Rifle)
5 Gun Challenges
6 New Playlists
7 M40 (Sniper Rifle)
8 Last Stand (Perk 3)
9 Boot Camp Challenges pt 1
10 M4 Carbine (Assault Rifle)
11 UAV Jammer (Perk 2)
13 Mini Uzi (Sub Machine Gun)
14 Bomb Squad (Perk 1)
15 Boot Camp Challenges pt 2
16 M1911 .45 (Pistol)
17 Martyrdom (Perk 2)
18 Boot Camp Challenges pt 3
19 M60E4 (Light Machine Gun)
20 Sleight of Hand (Perk 2)
21 Operations Challenges
22 Dragunov (Sniper Rifle)
23 Claymore (Perk 1)
24 Operations Challenges pt 2
25 G3 (Assault Rifle)
26 Iron Lungs (Perk 3)
27 Operations Challenges pt 3
28 AK-47u (Sub Machine Gun)
29 Double Tap (Perk 2)
30 Killer Challenges
31 M1014 (Shotgun)
32 Bandolier (Perk 1)
33 Killer Challenges pt 2
34 R700 (Sniper Rifle)
35 Eavesdrop (Perk 3)
36 Killer Challenges pt 3
37 G36C (Assault Rifle)
38 Overkill (Perk 2)
39 Killer Challenges pt 4
40 P90 (Sub Machine Gun)
41 3 Frags (Perk 1)
42 Humiliation Challenges
43 Desert Eagle (Pistol)
44 Dead Silence (Perk 3)
45 Humiliation Challenges pt 2
46 M14 (Assault Rifle)
47 Humiliation Challenges pt 3
48 Humiliation Challenges pt 4
49 Barret .50 cal (Sniper Rifle)
50 Humiliation Challenges pt 5
51 Elite Challenges
52 MP44 (Assault Rifle)
53 Elite Challenges pt 2
54 Elite Challenges pt 3

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  1. This is cool is the barret the one you use in One shot one kill? And isnt the MP44 from WW2?


  2. mino its after you hit lv 55 u can choose to go into prestige mode or not but u loose all your weapons and everything if u go into it. there are also ten lvs of prestige mode. and eery time you get past 55 in pretige u loose all your weapons again until you get to the end of the last lv the symbol is a golden cross. look on leaderbords.

    my GT is ParallelDuck

  3. I originaly thought it was “Get level 55” then “Pick 1 of 10 possible rank pics” Later I found out that its like you say 10 levels of prestige, where in each new level upon trading in your skills you get a new rank. My thought when I saw this was “wow!” IM NEVER GOING TO DO THAT NO WAYYY… But eventualy I thought of how much I would enjoy one day making it to the Golden Cross. Far off yes, but with time and effort (not that I plan on playing 2 weeks straight) but with enough work its not impossible. My current standing is almost level 55 and plan on trading it in that day. As far as advice goes, If you are having trouble picking then just do it anyway, because once you do it whats done is done and you can enjoy leveling back up again – Besides once you complete all the challenges there isnt much left but normal playing. I want a challenge and this is more then fine with me.

  4. If the barret is one shot kill then doesn’t that mean that the R700 is as well because they have do the same amount damage?

  5. James he meant its used in the mission ‘one shot, one kill’. Do u get a new tingy each prestige com[pletion, or is it only at the end after 10 times through the ranking system. Im currently 37 so a way off til I get to do this. But this is undoubtedly the best shooter ive ever played so im unlikely to stop playing cod4 online anytime soon. 55 here I come! Oh btw do you lose gold weps/kill rankings?

  6. yeah, i agree this is definatley the best shooter around and yes you do lose all of your winnings apart from rankings and the clan tag.

  7. Ive suddenly got bored with cod 4 (maybe i need a psychiatrist) and am playing- of all things- runescape!

  8. I just go for all the golden guns…. It takes forever but I like to work on head shots

  9. im trying to just get my accuracy up – if you want add me online my name is shadowkiller138 yea my accuracy is at 19% and getting higher

  10. whats the best way to kill quickly? i shoot but it takes alot of bullets and sumtimes it doesnt even kill them. they end up moving and killing me

  11. “dnt need 2 no”, I wouldn’t slam pc version of this game, there are mods for the game that may not ever see console.

  12. ummm i luv cod4 but im a new guy, so i was just wondering, can any of you guys tell me what a marksman challenge is?

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