Call of Duty 4 Unlocked Weapons List

Assault Rifles:

  • M16A4
  • AK-47
  • M4 Carbine
  • G3
  • G36C – Unlocked at Lieutenant Colonel (Lv37)
  • M14 – Unlocaked at Major General (Lv46)
  • MP44 – Unlocked at General (Lv52)

Sub Machine Guns:

  • MP5
  • Shorpion
  • Mini-Uzi
  • AK-74u – Unlocked at 1st Lieutenant (Lv28)
  • P90 – Unlocked at Colonel (Lv40)

Light Machine Guns:

  • M249 SAW
  • RPD
  • M60E4


  • W1200
  • M1014 – Unlocked at Captain (Lv31)

Sniper Rifles:

  • M40A3
  • M21
  • Dragunov
  • R700 – Unlocked at Major (Lv34)
  • Barrett .50cal – Unlocked at General (Lv49)

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  1. Damn, I was really hoping the M21 would be in the multiplayer…
    Can you also include the attachments breakdown for the weapons?
    My PC Sucked before, so I played the game for a while on my friend’s, and was wondering if the Barrett .50 cal or any of the better rifles have suppressors. Thanks.

  2. all of the assult rifles and SMG’s have suppresers every other gun doesnt….. exept tha m21 sniper. also evry gun thats in that list is in xbox live

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