Unreal Tournament 3 DVD Key Code Changer

If, for some reason, you need to change your Unreal Tournament 3 (III) serial number, I have an easy way to do it.

Here goes:

Browse to the Unreal Engine configuration file found at: C:\Users\YOUR_USER\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini

Open the file, and near the end you will see this header:


Beneath the header lies your key, in encrypted format.

Remove the line that contains the key (in my case: EncryptedProductKey=001000000000208140157etc).

Restart Unreal Tournament III, and it will ask you for your key.

Enter your key again, and presto! You have changed your UT3 cdkey.

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  1. There’s a tool to do this automatically on GameCopyWorld which is recommended – the location of the UTEngine.ini varies depending on your OS and this tool searches the correct location.

  2. Hello,
    In my case, my EncryptedProductKey is missing. That means, i have this problem: “EncryptedProductKey= “, that´s all.

  3. hey, what do i actually delet? could you tpe the part which i should get rid of, i read ians message and im a bit worried now, i still think you know what your doing thouhg

  4. hey again, my product key line says notforship? so basically


    thats what i see so what part do i delet please 🙁

  5. Yay, after i was banned on like 10 servers (My fav one, getting kicked banned by cd key) IT WORKED!!

  6. I have just installed UT3. I have a legit copy, but I am installing it on a new machine and can’t seem to find the DVD case it came in. Is there a way to either recover the sn from the game file?

    -The Mgt

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