CoD4 Walkthrough Part 5: Charlie Don’t Surf

Enjoy the ride into town aboard a Blackhawk helicopter. Rappel down and follow your squad down the alley to the left. Breach the door and head right, down the stairs. Kill the soldiers and clear the room to the left to pick up a laptop with enemy intelligence (5/30). Next, clear the rooms along the right, using flashbang grenades to disorient the enemy. Follow the objective marker back out of the building, and follow the squad through the gap in the low wall. Kill the soldiers hiding out behind the tan car in front of you and head in their direction. Turn left down the alleyway and turn right at the sheets of metal. Kill the two soldiers who drop down from the rooftop, and any opposition as you head for the TV station. Watch out for snipers on the second floors. Turn right and go through an open doorway and up some stairs to get a piece of enemy intel (6/30). Go back down and turn east towards your objective. You’ll see a pile of burnt cars and just past it a rooftop with several RPG troops and infantry. Throw a grenade up top to clear it and then climb the stairs on the second building to the south to find another piece of intel (7/30). The TV station with the satellite dish mounted on top is your objective. Get to the door indicated on your compass. Breach, and follow Vasquez and Hatch into the electronics room. You’ll enter the office area just ahead. Instead of going through the cubicles, I find its easier to go straight across into the offices since you’re less exposed to enemy fire from that path. When you’ve made enough progress, you’ll be able to get to the area left of the giant map of the world. Vasquez will open the door and you’ll enter the lobby area of the the TV station. Follow Vasquez up the stairs and through the doors up to the roof. Go through a few more doors until you reach the objective marker. Hold position outside the room and help clear the room.

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