CoD4 Custom Classes: User Submitted

Here are three custom classes our users have submitted.

I have personally tried them all out, and they are pretty fun!

Feel free to post your own in the comments, and we’ll highlight the ones that do you good.

From Timmaigh:

Primary: AK-74u (Silenced)
Secondary: M1911 .45 (Silenced)
Perk 1: Bandolier (or Flash x3)
Perk 2: UAV Jammer
Perk 3: Steady Aim
Woodland Camo

“Works best on Downpour and Wet Work.”
Also From Timmaigh:

Primary: M1014 (Grip)
Secondary: Desert Eagle
Perk 1: (Weapon Attachment)
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Steady Aim
Gold Camo ๐Ÿ˜‰

“Works best on Wet Work and Overgrown.”

From xX_qc3_Xx:



“if you donโ€™t like this then switch the weapons up. but i like the M16 for med. to long range maps like bog or crash. the p90 is also usefull if you are in levels like vacant or countdown. the p90 is the best cuz if u can hook it up wit uav jamma & deep impact and if you throw a silencer on dat bi#@h! you can go behind enemy lines and own them from behind” (ed: totally pwning from behind)

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  1. well then mr fuzzy

    50cal barret
    desert eagle
    stopping power blah blah blah. look. whateva work
    4 u ok. i like what i use^^^^eva.13
    iron lungs.

    p90 silenced
    stopping power
    extreme cond.

  2. Barret
    Deep Impact

    Red Dot Sight
    Stopping Power
    Last Stand

  3. Mp5-red dot dight
    G3- agog scope
    Steady aim

    Works good everywhere

  4. if ur a sniper, how bout dis?
    it kicks arse man!!!

    desert eagle

    uav jammer
    sleight of hand
    iron lungs

    You will be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!

  5. M40 Sniper Red Tiger
    Desert Eagle
    Stopping Power
    Iron lungs

    Ak 74U Silenced
    Desert Eagle
    3x Frags
    UAV Jammer
    Steady Aim

  6. Huge srry here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u can’t have all three of those!!!!!! My big mistake!!!

  7. Huge srry here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u can’t have all three of those perks I listed!!!!!! My big mistake!!!

    Also I checked and it is ak-74( srry kyle!!)

  8. lets see….
    G36C-red dot
    double tap
    steady aim…

    just bring the scope up and unload. i took out 2 lvl 55 pretige 8 and 9 with this class at the same time… just murder. specially if they line up

  9. my class is: rilfle (hardcore)
    primery: M16 (silenced)
    secondary: usp.45 (silenced)
    2:UAV jammer
    3:last tand

  10. my class is: rilfle (hardcore)
    primery: M16 (silenced)
    secondary: usp.45 (silenced)
    2:UAV jammer
    3:last stand
    well there u go….

  11. i own with this:

    M60E4 (red dot)
    Desert eagle (silenced)
    frag x3
    stopping power
    deep impact

  12. this is a good SnD sniper class
    non hardcore
    r700 red tiger
    stopping power
    dead silence

    for hardcore
    just change stopping power to uav jammer or slieght of hand (but uav works better for me)

  13. class name: destroyer
    weapon attachment: ACOG
    weapon attachment: Red Dot
    Deep impact

  14. class name: stealth
    weapon attachment: red dot
    Stun x3
    UAV jammer
    Extreme conditioning

    no need to put a silencer on a class wit uav jam

  15. class name: assault
    weapon attachment: red dot
    Frag x3
    Double Tap
    Last Stand

    last stand has gets me at least 3 kills a game

  16. class name: assault
    weapon attachment: red dot
    Frag x3
    Double Tap
    Last Stand

    last stand has gets me at least 3 kills a game

  17. my class is M4OA3 w/ACOG scope deagle x2 claymore stopingpower and steadyaim steady aim on a sniper is good better no scopes

  18. my fav classes are

    Recon- dragunov with ACOG
    G36C/M16 or M4 silenced
    perk 1- bandolier or claymores
    perk 2- overkill
    perk 3- anything but ironlungs

    Frontline- G36C/M16/M4 ACOG
    Side Arm- M9/USP .45
    Perk 1- bandolier
    Perk 2- sleight of hand
    Perk 3- steady Aim

    Stealth- M4/AK74u silenced
    Side Arm- any silenced
    Perk 1- bandolier/3 specials
    Perk 2- UAV Jammer
    Perk 3- extreme conditioning/dead silence

    just die- RPD red dot/Acog if u use stopping power.
    Side Arm- anything
    Perk 1- RPGs/3 Frags
    Perk 2- Stopping power/sleight of hand/overkill
    Perk 3- Martyrdom/lact stand deep impact

  19. *=perferred perk
    Close Quarters

    Side Arm-Any pistol
    Attachment-Dot sight/Silencer
    Perk 1-Bandolier
    Perk 2-*Stopping power/UAV jammer
    Perk 3-Steady aim
    Basically you cant miss from the hip,and stopping power gives it an extra punch,you dont need it you could have UAV jammer but i recommend Stopping power.

    Side arm-Desert Eagle/M1911(if you want silenced)
    Perk 1-Bandolier/Claymores(id perfer bandolier but that depends on how you snipe)
    Perk 2-Stopping power
    Perk 3-Deep impact/Iron lungs

    Enough for one shot kill at any range,Most accurate sniper,low recoil,more ammo than R700,only downside is slower fire than dragunov,Barret and M21.

    Assault(higher rank)
    G36C-Red dot sight
    Side arm-desert eagle or M1911
    Perk 1-Bandolier
    Perk 2-Double tap
    Perk 3-Steady aim

    This gun is a fast firing weapon with a fair bit of power,but double tap makes it incredibly lethal,steady aim just makes it a bit better in close quarters, its not essential you can pick your yellow perk.

    Assault(below level 20)
    Attachment-Red dot sight(both weapons)
    Side arm-Whatever
    Perk 1-Bandolier
    Perk 2-Stopping power
    Perk 3-*Steady aim/Deep impact

    M16 is brilliant med-long range weapon,not so great at short range so steady aim helps you if your in a close quarters pinch,the AK-47 can be an ultimate gun for all occasions with steady aim, and if your good at controlling recoil,if your not good at controlling recoil it can be useful in close quarters(with steady aim),and med range.

    Note: Dot sight is almost always better than acog scope excluding these weapons.

    M4 Carbine
    M16 Carbine
    }—Essential to fire in bursts

    This ones if you dont care about dying and you like explosives

    Weapon-Any close quarters or LMG or assault(Basically anything but a sniper)
    Attachment-Dotsite(or Grenade launcher if using assault rifle)
    Side arm-any pistol
    Perk 1-RPG/Grenade launcher/3 frags(if high enough rank)
    Perk 2-Sonic boom(extra explosive damage)
    Perk 3-Martydom
    Perk 1-RPG/Grenade launcher

    Thats my huge list of classes hope they help

  20. Also forgot


    You can see radar while using acog scope,thats why some people put them on snipers

  21. Sorry for triple post essential to fire in burst part of my big post applies to RPD and Saw in acog section.

  22. A great hardcore class

    Long range support and Infiltration

    m14- ACOG
    mp5-Red Dot Sight
    Dead Silence

  23. best hardcore classes

    m4 red dot/m16 red dot
    any side arm
    3x frag or claymore
    uav jammer
    deep inpact/ extreme conditioning

    red dot is much better than acog on any gun except snipers

    extreme conditoning is better than deep inpact on search and destroy as you can rush

  24. Take my advice NOOBS! If you don’t know what SPand EC is than you shuldn’t be allowed to play COD4.

    1 MP5 3frags – SP – EC / Steady Aim
    2 P90 3frags – SP – EC / Steady Aim
    3 G36C Bandolier – SP – Steady aim
    5 M40 3frags/ Stuns – SP – Steady aim
    4 M16 Bandolier/ Claymores – SP – Steady Aim

  25. heres my personal fav ๐Ÿ˜›

    P90 – Silencer – Blue Tiger

    Dragunov SVD – A.C.O.G. Scope

    perk1 – RPG-7 x2

    perk2 – Overkill

    perk3 – Dead Silence

    it’s good because it fits alot of different situations, making the class superior in maps like Bog, or Bloc, where the situation changes rapidly from close quarter combat, long range rifle fights, and tactical movement.

    PS: in case peepl havent noticed, Dragunov SVD rocks with ACOG-scope ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. another of my fav’s ^_^

    M60E4 – Red Dot – Blue Tiger

    RPD – red dot

    perk1 – RPG x2

    perk2 – overkill

    perk3 – deep impact

    This class is mainly/only for pwning helicopters faster than you can say “OHMAIGAWD, INCOMIIIIING” XD

  27. srry 2 disturb u guys again, but if you wanna go stealth, heres waht you’ll need:

    Skorpion – Silenced – Blue Tiger

    USP .45 – Silenced

    perk1 – C4 x2

    perk2 – UAV Jammer

    perk3 – Dead Silence

    Spec Grenade – Smoke

    Many players underestimate the Skorpion SMG, but if equipped with a silencer, its D E A D L Y . C4 is probably the best way of setting up an ambush, especially if you place it on the bottom of the car. using only silenced weapons, and UAV Jammer, you’ll acquire total invisibility on enemy radar, and using a Dead Silence too, the enemy infact has only one way of locating you: by seeing you. A smkoe grenade may seem useless, but can save your life, when used carefully. Escaping a hot area thru open ground is so much more easier with smoke around you.

  28. lets see here are some of my faves
    p90: silencer, blue tiger
    usp.45 silencer
    perk 1: banboiler
    perk 2: uav jam
    perk 3;dead silence

    total pwone ass with this class

    scorpion, silencer ,woodland camo
    perk1: rpg
    perk2: dobble tap
    perk3: martydome

  29. personally, my favorite hardcore counter/pseudo-sniper

    Primary: M16 – Silencer
    Sidearm: USP – Silencer
    Special Grenade: Stun

    Perk 1: Bandoleer (or Claymores/C4 x 2 if you don’t have Bandoleer)
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer
    Perk 3: Deep Impact (as long as you move around crouched they can’t really hear you anyways)

    Also, NsX Criticalzz…EC isn’t NEARLY as much of a noob perk as martyrdom (or last stand in some cases)…and used correctly, EC can save your life or help you get to were the other team is for some quick kills (m1014 + EC (usually)= :D) on some of the larger maps (the 2 long buildings on Bloc and the side paths on Crossfire)

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