This is perhaps the first thing I do on all OSX machines: set the scroll to match my Linux and Windows computers.

No judgement call as to which way is “right”, I’m simply used to this by now, and instead of changing it on two other operating systems, scripting it on only one seemed easier.

While this looks very similar to previous iterations, I found my old scripts no longer working on OSX 10.15 for a host of settings and preferences. Note: I had to logout to make this work.

Catalina Normal Scrolling Script

defaults write -g '0'

How This Was Determined

Sadly, the best method I could find for tracking this down was:

defaults read > beforechange.txt
# Change setting in system prefs
defaults read > afterchange.txt
diff -U 20 beforechange.txt afterchange.txt
OSX Defaults Diff
Using the command line to diff defaults in OSX to determine how to programmatically set System Preferences

This method can be used to track down a bunch of the new default settings/settings names.
Of course, you can always

defaults read | grep -C 10 scrolling

(substituting “scrolling” with the setting you’re looking for).

Remember: many of the defaults require a logout, a finder/dock restart (killall Dock && killall Finder), or a full reboot.

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