Unreal Tweaker 3.5 Released – Make UT3 Faster!

Download Unreal Tweaker 3.5 EDIT: The source site appears to be down right now, but you can download UT3Tweaker 3.5 from Blandname! Release notes: Enhanced Graphics controls Greater Control over the graphics tweaks has been added, allowing you to tick to enable or disable individual settings which are relevant to the Graphics. Glossary Whats the […]

Speedup UT3 Load Times – Remove Videos

An easy way to tweak UT3 is by using the Unreal Tournament III Tweaker Here are the release notes for version three (linked for download above): B3.0 – obbing disable/enable Stop your weapon bouncing around 3.0 – Center your aim be default the aim is slightly off to the right or left depending on if […]