Call of Duty 4 Online Ranks

A more complete list of ranks in CoD4, with levels associated:
Level Rank
1-3 Private
4-6 Lance Corpral
7-9 Corpral
10-12 Sergeant
13-15 Staff Sergeant
16-18 Gunnery Sergeant
19-21 Master Sergeant
22-24 Master Gunnery Sergeant
25-27 2nd Lieutenant
28-30 1rst Lieutenant
31-33 Captain
34-36 Major
37-39 Lieutenant Colonel
40-42 Colonel
43-45 Brigadier General
46-48 Major General
49-51 Lieutenant General
52-54 General
55 Comander

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  1. once you get to level 55 i heard you can be demoted back to a private while you keep your kick ass guns you have already unlocked

  2. How do you get differnet rank logo things next to your name? Im a lvl 21 and I STILL have the Red backround one and the yellow lines!!!

  3. Person: on the first 24 ranks that’s what you have, every 3 ranks you go up you get another yellow chevron. When you get to rank 25 you will get a yellow retangle thingy

  4. The “red background and yellow lines” are chevrons and rockers. They are the rank insignia of enlisted personnel in the US Marines. You might also notice the names of the ranks as well.

    The “yellow rectangle thingy”, and the other yellow and silver “thingies”, are the ranks of the officers in the US military. Normally, the yellow rectangle thingy would be called a gold bar, then comes a sivler bar, then a pair of silver bars, then gold and silver oak leaves, then a silver eagle, then the various numbers of stars….

  5. I was on the 3rd prestige on level 23…the next day when i come back i am on the 2nd prestige level 51…what the hell is that about…..

  6. I had the same thing happen right as I made it to 55. It froze up, so I turned it off, and when I turned it back on, I was back to level 48. The weird thing is that all my classes were the same as they were when I was at level 48 too. Very strange…

  7. you CAN go up to 10 times i think, every time u restart u get different logos for the ranks but after 10 they run out so u get stuck

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