Call of Duty 4 Cheats – Unlock All Ranks and Perks

Unlock everything easily!

Well someone was bound to do it…

The memory address that contains the CoD4 XP has been located, and you can now modify it, making leveling up a much faster and easier process. This means that you can easily get the Commander Rank within a few hours of buying the game, and you can unlock all perks and weapons.

The memory address needed is: CBF0E68

You can use a tool such as Tsearch to edit the value of that address (your XP), so that you’ll only need one XP to get to the new CoD 4 rank.

Here’s how: open Tsearch, start a new script, enter the memory address, then enter in the XP you would like. Keep in mind – you’ll want to back up your Call of Duty 4 profile just in case something goes wrong – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! They also give you tips on what not to do which can prevent you from losing all of your saved data.

More details: if you just want to quickly go up a level, take your current XP from the Rank screen in the multiplayer mode, then add the amount of XP you will need to go up a level. You’ll want to subtract one or two XP in order to make it easy to gain a level. Then, go online and kill someone, or get an assist – BAM! – instant level up, and possibly a new rank.

Overkill perk, here you come!

Seriously, though, I tested this method, and found it much more enjoyable to play through multiplayer the real way – it’s more of a challenge, and fun!

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  1. how do you use this. im tryin to jump levels to get guns. how do u enter the codes into your account. plz help

  2. I need some help !!! i’m trying all these but I want some more specific information… !!! Please help me !!! Send me e-mail !!!

  3. All you guys looking for this are pathetic. You are too lazy and pathetic to earn the levels. Instead you cheat. What fun is that? Does it make you feel manly to cheat your way there knowing you have the intellect of a sea slug and can’t get there on your own?

  4. Boys and Girl , whats the meaning of Playing when u cheat ? :O getting ppl to get angry ! ???

    Give it a try and Rank urself !…… i got ranked to 45 in 1 day ? so its not hard to rank up , give it a try before cheating!

  5. Wow, that’s funny. Your arguments against cheaters are really quite funny. Do you really think you’re helping your cause at all by sounding like a super nerd. You got to rank 45 in 1 day? Congrats, you proved you have no life and that these people who are “cheating” are smarter than you and ‘ohio_trojan’, intellect of a sea slug? Really? Do you even know what that is? I think a sea slug could probably kill you in CoD4. I think they can get there on there own, they just don’t want to waste away their life doing it, they’d rather have the goods and go at it.

  6. Hi you all, Yea cheating is pretty retarded. The only time I think it would be justified is if you WERE a high level player and lost your profile somehow. I know I have.

    Gurkan- I really think that is total untrue, level 45 in 1 day(24 hours). Possible yes,going to happen don’t think so. If you were pretty good player,VERY dedicated and did not leave the pc for toilet breaks or food,YES.

    I’m at level 33 and have put 20 hours in, i’m just an average player here. the levels take longer and longer to get the higher up you go. so I think that (for me ) to get to level 45 would prob take another 20 hours at least.

    Most causal games like myself would not put in more that 2-3 hours a day into the game, and if we take your 24 hours to get to level 45 formula,it would take an average Jo 8 to 12 days(24 /2hours /3 hours) to get there.

    If I lost my profile(HDD crash whatever) Would i put those 8 days of playing in again, maybe. Would I consider cheating,and get my old rank back in a few hours,probably.

    The problem is that people can and will take advantage of this. I often see a level 55 dork at the bottom of the score board,and the first thing I think is how the @#$% did this guy get to level 55.Did he even play the game. Well maybe,just maybe he cheated, instead of looking cool now with his level 55 badge, he look’s like a prat.

    Thanks people see you guys online-cheers

  7. it may be bad to cheat but when you reach commander you unlock prestige mode and you can start over

  8. 1. Why the hell are you flaming at the cheaters?
    It’s their decision to do so!
    2. Why the hell are you reading a cheating topic?

  9. I’m lollin at people who are like “OMG I LOST ALL MY RANK CAUSE OF THIS SHIT” well D’UH don’t cheat then, your own fucking fault

  10. You’ve got to use a memory hack program such as “cheat engine” or L. Spiro’s “memory hack software” All the key addresses that hold the values you want to change are stored sequentially, starting with experience at the address specified above (0CBF0E68). After that just test each 4-byte sequential value and compare it to your headshots, deaths, kills, etc.


  11. @Mark: Just FYI there is no prestige mode in the PC version which is what this cheat is for, know what everyone’s talking about before you post something irrelevant.

    @Kenobie: I don’t know if you realized this or not, but not everyone can be in first place. There has to be a winner and a loser in game where those are the options of the outcome. With that said, someone’s always going to be at the bottom of the stat page while someone else is at the top, its just a fact of life for these games. So just because a 55 is on the bottom doesn’t mean he’s cheated to get there, could just not be his day/map, he could just suck at the game. Since anyone dedicated enough to play it long enough will get to 55. Being lvl 55 isn’t a sign your good, its just a sign you put in the time, or cheated your way to the level, nothing more.

    @The Cheat Haters: Look its going to happen whether you like or it not. And if it gets blocked, guess what? They’ll find a new way to tweak it.

    @The Cheaters: Take this cheat with a grain of salt, just because you have the unlocks doesn’t make you a good player, just makes you have the stuff you may or may not have earned like the rest of the other players.

  12. Well cheating on call of duty not needed i play for about 1-7 hours and the rounds i play get me about 500-1500 xp and it’s hardcore headquarters so don’t cheat actually play the game and enjoy it another thing when your done getting all the crap it gets boring if you have all gold guns no challenge needed so best sell it if you plan to cheat

  13. Hi everyone,

    If Memory Address does not work for ur patch Then do this

    (it would be easy if the your XP is above 500 & a uncommon number this will result in less number of search results & will increase the chances of finding it faster)

    1) Start COD4 then press ALT+TAB to come back to the desktop

    2) Go into the folder where tsearch is and double click “TSearch.exe” to start the program (In Vista open as Adimistrator)

    3) Press the “Open Process” button in Tsearch and point to your COD4.exe which is listed as “iw3mp.exe” you will see the small COD4 icon beside it. Click to highlight then press “ok”

    4) In Search window click the small magnifing class icon (Init New Search) then
    In Search : Exact Value
    In Value : your Current XP in the Game (i.e. a number only)
    In type : 4 bytes
    then Click “OK”
    5) double click the memory address that starts with “C” (normally it starts with “C”)
    (make sure you dont do this on a memory address whose value is constantly changing.)

    6) An new entry will be added in “Cheat List” window with the sameone that you double clicked in step 5

    7) change the value to total of “current XP + XP needed – 2” in Rank & Challenges window in the Game. Then simply hit ENTER.

    8) Now go back into COD4 and you will see your rank changed and you need “2″ point to get your new rank.

    9) If not repeat replace value to actual value it was before you changed it (the value you entered in step 4), Then hit enter.

    10) Delete the entry from the “Cheat List”

    11) these repeat this from step 5 all other entrys in seach window that starts with C


  14. wow dnt complain if they cheat or not cuz its still going to be super easy to kill em dat my opinion

  15. Hi People i am checking this out because latly i formated my pc and lost everything so that is why i am trying to get my ranks up. I had finished all the ranks there is in COD4 if i don’t manage to get them back u would not keep on playing it.

  16. You don’t have to cheat to be good at COD4. Just spend some time playing it and getting up levels yourself. Don’t be lazy! I play on a laptop and my ping is normally around 350 lol. But i don’t care. I still am lvl 37 and making my way up to lvl 55
    AK47-Red Dot-Digital
    G36c-No Attachment-Woodland
    R700-No Attachment-Woodland

    Just thought some of you CHEATERS might of wanted some help with created some good custom classes

  17. this forum is flippen golden i had to add something here im not gonna say good or bad about anyone either way but truly everyone that’s written on here spesh the guys that really put in there 2 cents read what you have written and see how much you all are tools lol just fucken golden cheers for the laugh guys you all made my day

  18. Hey you guys this isnt as complicated as he makes it out to be…….
    Heres my TUT of how to Get all Guns AND Perks instantly:

    1.Download this MPdata file (this is really small and is easier than editing your exsisting mpdata files)

    2.2. Go to Start -> Run-> Type regedit -> Hit Enter.

    3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Activision -> Call of Duty 4

    4. Double-click codkey

    5. Save the key in notepad

    6. Replace the key with: DL2J8PY44Q22GE4888D2

    7. Press OK and close regedit.

    8. Navigate to your Call of Duty 4 profile folder (typically “C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\players\profiles\your_user_name”)

    9. Back-up and then remove all the files in your user name folder.

    10. Place the mpdata file you downloaded in your user name folder

    11. Open the COD4 MP game and check your rank. You should now be level 55 with all challenges, guns, and every camouflage unlocked!

    12. Finally, in the game go to Options -> Multiplayer Options -> Key Code and type your original cd key you have saved in notepad.

    You now should have a level 55 and everything should be unlocked for your use.
    If you are using 1.7 patch then after entering your original CD-Key you should play for about 20 minutes for the game to save your new stats.

  19. i think that when you just start playing COD4 and ur rank is too low … other player with higher ranking just kick u out of game

  20. I need 2 rank up faster on cod: 4 for the 360. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with noName. I’ve had this for more than a month, put an average amount of time into the game & I STILL haven’t reached 40.
    Of course I don’t play HQ or S&D much but still, you’d think i’d be a higher rank.
    Btw DT99999 is my gamertag (4 xbox360) feel free 2 contact me! 🙂

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