Call of Duty 4 Widescreen

A lot of gamers playing CoD4 will be doing so with a widescreen LCD – I know that I am.

With wide flat panels becoming so cheap,  everyone has one these days.

In order to get Call of Duty 4 working nicely with a wide screen, the first thing you’ll want to do is to pick a wide display setting, preferably one that is the native resolution of your screen. For example, I use a Samsung 931BW 19 wide display, and my default resolution is 1440×900 at 75hz – so I set the game to that and adjust everything else to fit it. That said, if your video card can’t handle it, you can use any display mode, just make sure to pick the  aspect ratio that suits your monitor. Most screens these days are 16:10, so try that first. This way it still looks a bit pixelated, but you won’t have any issues with the way people look in-game.

Another good tweak that I use is to set the field of view a little bit wider – this also helps for those knife fights at close range.

This can be done by editing your mp_config.cfg file, and adding seta cg_fov "80"

The default is 60 or so, but I typically set this to around 80 in the Call of Duty games, and I think you will find that it’s not too high, and just a bit wider than normal which is good. By all means, try other settings, but that’s what works for me.

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