CoD4 1.1 Patch – mss32.dll not found

Many people are having issues with the new Call of Duty 4 patch reporting that they get the error “mss32.dll not found” – this is caused by the patch being improperly installed – or not being installed properly. When iw3mp.exe is run on its own, it tries to run Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, but without the dynamically loading libraries it needs (the DLL file). In order to remedy this situation, simply copy the iw3mp.exe file to your call of Duty 4 installation directory – typically found in C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m having this issue when trying to apply the patch.
    I installed the game on my D:\ drive in D:\Games\COD4 (where all my games are installed). The file iw3mp.exe is already in that directory (D:\Games\COD4\iw3mp.exe)… any other idea?

  2. ok i found the solution.
    the .exe file i’ve downloaded (named “call_of_duty_4_modern_warfare_patch_v1.1_multi-langues_182170.exe”) has to be copied the installation folder of COD4, and then it works. basically this file replaces “iw3mp.exe”. So I renamed “iw3mp.exe” to “iw3mp.exe.old” in order to have a backup in case of and then renamed “call_of_duty_4_modern_warfare_patch_v1.1_multi-langues_182170.exe” into “iw3mp.exe” and it works.

  3. Ok, I had this same problem.. Instead of doing all that moving, just go to google and look up the error you are getting. (ex. iw3mp.exe) Then look for a link to download it. Save it to your COD4 folder inside of your Local Disk (C:). Then play.


  4. ok, so i downloaded mss32.dll
    then i put it into the same folder,
    but now it says
    The procedure entry point_AIL_set_speaker_configurations@16 could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll

    wat should i do now?

  5. Had the same problem. I deleted the game completely off my hard drive including my registry (regedit) I updated all my drivers….Next I downloaded the 1.4 patch which is a rollback…Then the rest of the patches and it worked….

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