CoD4 Single Player Cheats

Here are some simple single player tips, tricks, and cheats for the Call of Duty 4 single player mode on PC.

Start up Call of Duty 4 single player, go into your options, and make sure that the console is enabled.

Press your ~ (tilde) key anytime you want to enter these codes in – you can keep entering them.
First off, type seta thereisacow "1337", this enables most of the cheats.

In order to pick a level, use spdevmap mapname

Here are some handy console commands that may help you through the game:

  • ufo – you can fly through walls to get places – be careful, this can mess things up a little, and you may get stuck
  • give – gives you an item. If you type give all, you will get all weapons
  • god – god mode!
  • demigod – god mode, but some things still happen like screen shaking and such
  • notarget – you will be invisible to enemies
  • give ammo – instant ammo
  • jump_height – allows you to change the physics in the game – like moon shoes
  • timescale – let’s you play with time – fast or slow
  • cg_LaserForceOn – laser sight, baby!

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  1. these cheats DO work. also the ufo cheat puts you in spectator mode. its really cool. when u have gotten to where u wanna b, simply retype ufo in the console and ur pkayer will be moved there. if these cheats dont work for u then make sure u dont have the quotation marks typed. also if u insult cheaters then, get the dik out ur mouth and try it u lazy fkers and realize some people like to have fun in different ways than you.

  2. and sandro, the m16 isnt in cod4 singleplayer. they are to different games so they could apply different guns to them. in the sp, the m16 is replaced completely by the m4a1. also notice how the G3 is singleshot is mp, but in sp it is full auto. suks that the m14 isnt even in the sp. im sure u can merge the mp files to the sp half to get it if u know what ur doing.

  3. Myn cheats dont work for me why? I try all things but it dosent work can somebody plz give me email how to cheat on singelplayer plz i wana exprience it .


  4. i have tried everything from entering seta therisacow 1337 etc. in game
    to inserting it into the config file but nothing works plz help!!
    i have patch 1.7

    1. did you do seta inside the menu and then start spdevmap bog_a then you can quit and select whatever mission. the cheats should work then

  5. it doesnt work cuz when i try spdevmap then like lets say War Pig the screen just turns black and i have to press ctrl alt delete cuz it deosnt work
    pllllzzzz help me just send me a messeg on my youtube my name is 911matko

  6. I have a Macbook pro OSX Lion, but i can’t figure out how to open the console. Any one that knows?

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