Call of Duty 4 v1.4 Stats Editor for PC

Looks like some one has finally done it… I got wind today that there is a full-featured stats/ranks/perks editor in the wild for Call of Duty 4 v1.4

More info on this as it comes up, but I haven’t heard anything about a new CoD4 update, and apparently punkbuster doesn’t catch it…

FYI – the filename is cod4statseditor14.rar

Good luck trying to find it!


I was able to find a copy of the file floating around. It contains a text file which reads as follows:

1 Private First Class 0
2 Private First Class I 30
3 Private First Class II 120
4 Lance Corporal 270
5 Lance Corporal I 480
6 Lance Corporal II 750
7 Corporal 1080
8 Corporal I 1470
9 Corporal II 1920
10 Sergeant 2430
11 Sergeant I 3000
12 Sergeant II 3650
13 Staff Sergeant 4380
14 Staff Sergeant I 5190
15 Staff Sergeant II 6080
16 Gunnery Sergeant 7050
17 Gunnery Sergeant I 8100
18 Gunnery Sergeant II 9230
19 Master Sergeant 10440
20 Master Sergeant I 11730
21 Master Sergeant II 13100
22 Master Gunnery Sergeant 14550
23 Master Gunnery Sergeant I 16080
24 Master Gunnery Sergeant II 17690
25 2nd Lieutenant 19380
26 2nd Lieutenant I 21150
27 2nd Lieutenant II 23000
28 1st Lieutenant 24930
29 1st Lieutenant I 26940
30 1st Lieutenant II 29030
31 Captain 31240
32 Captain I 33570
33 Captain II 36020
34 Major 38590
35 Major I 41280
36 Major II 44090
37 Lt. Colonel 47020
38 Lt. Colonel 50070
39 Lt. Colonel II 53240
40 Colonel 56530
41 Colonel I 59940
42 Colonel II 63470
43 Brigadier General 67120
44 Brigadier General I 70890
45 Brigadier General II 74780
46 Major General 78790
47 Major General I 82920
48 Major General II 87170
49 Lieutenant General 91540
50 Lieutenant General I 96030
51 Lieutenant General II 100640
52 General 105370
53 General I 110220
54 General II 115190
55 Commander 120280

And the program allows you to set the numbers for:

  • Score
  • Kills
  • Headshots
  • Assists
  • Streak
  • Death
  • Experience Points (CoD4 XP)

Seems like this lil nugget is brought to us by a team called “BONER” – thanks you wankers!

So basically this is the same as the Tsearch level-up stuff we had talked about when the game was released, but includes many other parameters to change. The tool will read current values for the items mentioned above, and allows you to change them while playing. Once you perform one of the tasks – headshot, assist, kill, etc., the value will go up a point, and when you have it set just below the mark needed for XP perks, or challenges, it will give it to you. You just need to exit the game, re-join another online game and go from there.

As has been reported in our comments, the easiest for XP is a free-for-all server, say one with 50 players max.

As for headshots, try a few sniper servers.

Happy Call of Duty 4 cheating!

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  1. it s not necesarilly for cheating i made full rank and then my windows got screwed up and the thing is once you change your windows you loose your rank weaons and everything else and what start again with mp5??

  2. For 1.5, try:
    Points – CC19694 (maybe)
    Kills – CC19698
    Headshots – CC196AC
    Assists – CC196A8 (maybe)
    Streak – CC4B4
    Deaths – CC196A0
    Exp points – CC19690

  3. And the complete list from MPC:
    Assault Rifle
    G3 Marksman CC199C0
    G3 Expert CC199C4
    G36c Marksman CC199D8
    G36c Expert CC199DC
    M16A4 Marksman CC199B0
    M16A4 Expert CC199B4
    M14 Marksman CC199D0
    M14 Expert CC199D4
    AK-47 Marksman CC199B8
    AK-47 Expert CC199BC
    MP44 Expert CC199E0
    M4 Marksman CC199C8 *jp2031*
    M4 Expert CC199CC *jp2031*

    Sniper Rifles
    M40A3 Marksman CC19AF8
    M40A3 Expert CC19AFC
    M21 Marksman CC19AF0
    M21 Expert CC19AF4
    R700 Marksman CC19B08
    R700 Expert CC19B0C
    Barret .50cal Marksman CC19B10
    Barret .50cal Expert CC19B14
    Dragunov Marksman CC19B00 *jp2031*
    Dragunov Expert CC19B04 *jp2031*

    Shotguns *jp2031*
    M1014 Expert CC19AAC
    M1014 Marksman CC19AA8
    W1200 Marksman CC19AA0
    W1200 Expert CC19AA4

    MP5 Expert CC19A04
    MP5 Marksmsn CC19A00
    Scorpion Expert CC19A0C
    Scorpion Marksmsn CC19A08
    Mini-Uzi Expert CC19A14
    Mini-Uzi Marksman CC19A10
    AK74-u Expert CC19A1C
    AK74-u Marksman CC19A18
    P90 Marksman CC19A20
    P90 Expert CC19A24

    SAW Marksman CC19A50
    SAW Expert CC19A54
    RPD Marksman CC19A58
    RPD Expert CC19A5C
    M60E4 Marksman CC19A60
    M60E4 Expert CC19A64

    Assault Expert CC19BE4
    SMG Expert CC19BE8
    LMG Expert CC19BEC

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