Outemu Blue JSpacer Jailhouse Mod

This tutorial will cover removing Outemu Blue switches from a TeamWolf Zhuque+ and applying the “Jailhouse Mod” – so-named as it stops the mechanical keyboard switches from “clicking” when depressed. What’s great about this mod is that it also retains the tactile feeling of the switch, and slightly increases the force needed to bottom out. […]

UPDATE – CoD4 1.2 Patch Released

Call of Duty 4 has been updated once again – another fast update for this very popular game. The official forum thread is at the Infinity Ward forum, but you can click on this link to simply download the file. Addressed in this update – left/vertical lean offset glitch, and files have been modified in […]

Modding CoD4

Modding Call of Duty 4 is not as easy as modding other versions, but here are some tips to get you started if you never done it before. First off, in order to get into the IWD files, you simply need to rename them to have a .ZIP extension, and open them in WinRAR, WinACE […]