Flashing HHKB Jp Controller Mac Layout Hex

Having recently received Hasu’s fantastic HHKB JP Bluetooth Controller, I noticed one irksome thing: the alt and command keys were reversed on the left hand side, and the kana key that I typically remap to right command was reverted. This is normal: the keyboard targets Windows users primarily, but one thing you lose when upgrading …

Zeal60 Zealencio Zealiostotle JSpacer Holtite Custom Keyboard Build

A build log for a custom keyboard made using parts from ZealPC (Zealios, Zealencios, Zeal60 60% PCB), Sentraq (aluminum case and plate), Originative (Modern Beige keycaps) and some mods like TE Connectivity AMP Holtites, The Van Keyboard JSpacers and Aristotle mechanical keyboard switch stems.