Call of Duty 4 v1.4 Stats Editor for PC

Looks like some one has finally done it… I got wind today that there is a full-featured stats/ranks/perks editor in the wild for Call of Duty 4 v1.4

More info on this as it comes up, but I haven’t heard anything about a new CoD4 update, and apparently punkbuster doesn’t catch it…

FYI – the filename is cod4statseditor14.rar

Good luck trying to find it!


I was able to find a copy of the file floating around. It contains a text file which reads as follows:

1 Private First Class 0
2 Private First Class I 30
3 Private First Class II 120
4 Lance Corporal 270
5 Lance Corporal I 480
6 Lance Corporal II 750
7 Corporal 1080
8 Corporal I 1470
9 Corporal II 1920
10 Sergeant 2430
11 Sergeant I 3000
12 Sergeant II 3650
13 Staff Sergeant 4380
14 Staff Sergeant I 5190
15 Staff Sergeant II 6080
16 Gunnery Sergeant 7050
17 Gunnery Sergeant I 8100
18 Gunnery Sergeant II 9230
19 Master Sergeant 10440
20 Master Sergeant I 11730
21 Master Sergeant II 13100
22 Master Gunnery Sergeant 14550
23 Master Gunnery Sergeant I 16080
24 Master Gunnery Sergeant II 17690
25 2nd Lieutenant 19380
26 2nd Lieutenant I 21150
27 2nd Lieutenant II 23000
28 1st Lieutenant 24930
29 1st Lieutenant I 26940
30 1st Lieutenant II 29030
31 Captain 31240
32 Captain I 33570
33 Captain II 36020
34 Major 38590
35 Major I 41280
36 Major II 44090
37 Lt. Colonel 47020
38 Lt. Colonel 50070
39 Lt. Colonel II 53240
40 Colonel 56530
41 Colonel I 59940
42 Colonel II 63470
43 Brigadier General 67120
44 Brigadier General I 70890
45 Brigadier General II 74780
46 Major General 78790
47 Major General I 82920
48 Major General II 87170
49 Lieutenant General 91540
50 Lieutenant General I 96030
51 Lieutenant General II 100640
52 General 105370
53 General I 110220
54 General II 115190
55 Commander 120280

And the program allows you to set the numbers for:

  • Score
  • Kills
  • Headshots
  • Assists
  • Streak
  • Death
  • Experience Points (CoD4 XP)

Seems like this lil nugget is brought to us by a team called “BONER” – thanks you wankers!

So basically this is the same as the Tsearch level-up stuff we had talked about when the game was released, but includes many other parameters to change. The tool will read current values for the items mentioned above, and allows you to change them while playing. Once you perform one of the tasks – headshot, assist, kill, etc., the value will go up a point, and when you have it set just below the mark needed for XP perks, or challenges, it will give it to you. You just need to exit the game, re-join another online game and go from there.

As has been reported in our comments, the easiest for XP is a free-for-all server, say one with 50 players max.

As for headshots, try a few sniper servers.

Happy Call of Duty 4 cheating!

CoD4 Walkthrough Part 4: Blackout

Kill the two soldiers standing guard outside the house, as well as the two within. Use the silenced M4 so they don’t hear you coming. Grab the laptop inside to secure a piece of intelligence (3/30). Follow your team and clear the next grouping of houses. Follow Price into a house and exit into an open field for a rendezvous with Russian troops. Follow your team up the hill and get ready to make use of your sniper rifle. Help out where you can, but kill the machine gunners when ordered. Follow Kamarov through a building and back outside. Take cover in the building from the troops charging down the hill. Make a run up the hill when you don’t see any more approaching and then help the Russians take the town by sniping enemy troops from your high vantage point. Continue up the hill to the power station. Rappel down the cliffside and jump over the wall. Head into the village through the open garage and take cover behind the desk to kill the three soldiers that exit through the doorway. Jump out the window and go up the hill to the marked house. Equip your nightvision while you wait for Price to take point. Go through the house eliminating the soldiers guarding the informant. Go upstairs and clear all the rooms, including a bathroom on the second floor which contains another piece of intelligence (4/30). A good habit to form is to throw a flashbang into a room before you rush in, it could save your life. Follow the team outside to escort the informant to the waiting helicopter.

CoD4 Walkthrough Part 3: The Coup

You’ll assume another person’s body for a ride in a car through a city. Watch the chaos on the streets with your almost 200 degree field of movement. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling something bad is going to happen to you…

CoD4 Walkthrough Part 2: Crew Expendable

After the loading screen, you’ll be in a helicopter ready to board thefreighter. Kill the enemies in the bridge. Follow your team through the corridors, nabbing the laptop intelligence (1/30) from the crew quarters. Exit back onto the deck, and go down the stairs in front of you to follow your team towards the aft of the ship. The helicopter will kill the enemies shooting at you from the windows above and then report bingo fuel and return to base. Follow Price and the rest of the team through the watertight door, being sure to sweep both the left and right fire lanes. Head down the stairs and around the corner your team will come under fire from enemies down a hallway. Kill them and proceed to the red-lit area. Wait for a teammate to throw a flashbang into the area before heading through the door and killing two more crewmembers. Go up the short flight of stairs and kill the crewmember who appears from the right. Follow your team through the stacks of boxes to another door, which Price kicks in. As you go down the stairs, pick up laptop #2 from a table at the foot of the stairs (2/30). Move with your team, eliminating crewmembers on the catwalks above as well as ones hiding among the boxes. Flush them out with frag grenades and eventually you’ll clear the area. Proceed towards the blue cargo container. Grab the manifest (its the flashing clipboard) resting on top of the crate within, and prepare for all hell to break loose. Follow your team up the stairs to the catwalks, and don’t get left behind! Once on the deck, make a jump for the hovering helicopter.

Call of Duty 4 Game Guide / Walkthrough

With permission from the original author, I am bring you the best Call of Duty 4 guide on the net.

This guide is huge, and as such will be edited quite a bit in order to be read well on our site. This will also allow easy modification when the faq changes, as they are wont to do. We’ll start with the the easy stuff, like the training mission, and build on that.

Should there be any questions, please feel free to use the comments.

When this is all said and done, we’ll have a nice index and table of contents to put up, to make it all nice and proper!

Here goes…

Legal info:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


UPDATE – CoD4 1.2 Patch Released

Call of Duty 4 has been updated once again – another fast update for this very popular game.

The official forum thread is at the Infinity Ward forum, but you can click on this link to simply download the file.

Addressed in this update – left/vertical lean offset glitch, and files have been modified in order to prepare for future mods – good to see them thinking ahead already as many players are still whining about non-issues like sniper rifles and such. This patch also includes the 1.1 update which addressed issues that had users losing ranks, profiles and XP when switching from ranked to un-ranked or modded servers.
No apparent issues with the CoD4 1.2 patch yet – I’m keeping my ears to the ground.

Call of Duty 4 Humiliation Challenges

Call of Duty 4 introduces the concept of “challenges” into the series, having you perform certain tasks or do something multiple times in order to get a reward or unlock something in the game.

Looking at the logs, it seems that many people are looking for details on the humiliation challenges in CoD4.

– AirBourne –

XP: 250 Points

Unlocked Level: 42
Get a 2 kill streak with bullets in midair
– Multi-Frag –

XP: 250 Points

Unlocked Level: 42

Kill at least 2 enemies with a frag grenade
– CarpetBomb –

XP earned: 250 Points

Unlocked level: 42

Kill 5 enemies with a single airstrike
– MG Master –

XP earned: 250 Points

Unlocked level: 42

Get a 5 kill streak while mounted on a machine gun

– Slasher –

XP earned: 250 Points

Unlocked level: 45

Get a 3 melee kill streak without dying

– Multi-C4 –

XP earned: 250 Points

Unlocked level: 45

Kill 2 enemies or more with a single C4 pack

– Hot Potato I –

XP earned: 50 Points

Unlocked level: 45

Kill 1 enemy with a thrown back grenade

– Hot Potato II –

XP earned: 100 Points

Unlocked level: 45

Kill 5 enemy with a thrown back grenade.

CoD4 Single Player Cheats

Here are some simple single player tips, tricks, and cheats for the Call of Duty 4 single player mode on PC.

Start up Call of Duty 4 single player, go into your options, and make sure that the console is enabled.

Press your ~ (tilde) key anytime you want to enter these codes in – you can keep entering them.
First off, type seta thereisacow "1337", this enables most of the cheats.

In order to pick a level, use spdevmap mapname

Here are some handy console commands that may help you through the game:

  • ufo – you can fly through walls to get places – be careful, this can mess things up a little, and you may get stuck
  • give – gives you an item. If you type give all, you will get all weapons
  • god – god mode!
  • demigod – god mode, but some things still happen like screen shaking and such
  • notarget – you will be invisible to enemies
  • give ammo – instant ammo
  • jump_height – allows you to change the physics in the game – like moon shoes
  • timescale – let’s you play with time – fast or slow
  • cg_LaserForceOn – laser sight, baby!

Call of Duty 4 Perk Descriptions/Guide

Here is complete guide to the perks found in Call of Duty 4, as well as some personal tactics gleaned from my first few days with the games, as well as from talking to others. The perks are a very satisfying addition to CoD in my opinion, and add another level to the game, making it very addictive as you try to collect all the perks that completely change the way you play the game. The levels needed per perk are listed after the perk name.
Perk 1:
Bomb Squad (14)
The Bomb Squad perk allows you to detect explosives planted in the map. This is useful if you are up against people who just love using bombs, and have C4 and Claymores hidden throughout the map. The Bomb Squad perk is unlocked at level 14 – Staff Sergeant I.

C4 Explosives x2 (2)
The C4 Explosives perk gives you two C4 explosives that you can detonate remotely using the fire button, or if you are using your primary weapon you can detonate them by double tapping the “use” button (the default mapping is F). In Call of Duty 4, there are no binoculars, so make sure you are aware of your enemy’s location before setting them off – I find this also a bit difficult, but on some level night vision comes in handy. C4 Explosives are unlocked as soon as you unlock the Demolitions Class – level 2, Private I.

Claymore x 2
Claymores are basically a mine that you can plant in the game to blow people up when they are in range. The calymore packs use light sensors, and typical will be visible before you stumble upon one. The explosion is very directional, and because of this the Claymore perk isn’t very useful in situations you would typically use mines. That said, I’ve had good luck hiding these things just around corners out of sight where people can’t see the garish red beams emanating from these things. Claymores are unlocked at the onset of the game.

RPG-7 x 2
The RPG-7 x2 perk gives you two ground-to-air missiles that are very useful for shooting down helicopter air strikes. It should also be noted that they can explode cars and other destrutible objects on the map, and are very fun to shoot at spawn points, followed by a cooked nade.

Special Grenades x 3
This is my favorite among the Perk 1 group – this one gives you 3 special grenades as opposed to just one. Why is it my fave? Well, combine this with stun grenades, the radar, and the “x” indication that you’ve hit someone, and it’s a great way to find out where people are, run up to them, and knife them with your hobo knife, even from far away! The Sepcial Grenades perk is unlocked by default.

Frag x 3 (41)
The Frag x3 perk gives you three frag grenades – simple huh? Not really, once this is unlocked, you’ll find the maps littered with grenades – try as you will to pick them up and throw them back, more are on the way! This perk is unlocked at level 41 – Colonel I.

Bandolier (32)
The Bandolier perk gives you much more amo for your clip, and is my second favorite among the Perk 1 set because it goes so well with the Double Tap perk. If you like to sprint around, doing some spray and pray while having a beer like me, this is definitely a must-try. The Bandolier perk is unlocked at level 32 – Captain I.
Perk 2:
The Juggernaut perk, well… makes you a juggernaut! You can take a LOT more damages than usual, and still be standing. Typically this means that I can survive 2 badly fought 1-on-1 rounds and still be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This perk is unlocked straight away as far as I can tell.

Sleight of Hand (20)
Sleight of Hand helps you to reload weapons a lot faster, and if you can’t aim, like to spray and pray, and run around without reloading or watching your amo, this may be for you. Truth be told, this comes in very handy for shotgun and SAW users, but just about any one can use this. Sleight of Hand is unlocked at Master Sergeant I (Lv20).

Stopping Power
Stopping Power gives your weapon some oompf, and remoes the pew-pew! This is a good addition to weapons like the Mini Uzi, that while very fast, certainly lacks power. The Stopping Power perk is unlocked by default.

UAV Jammer (11)
The UAV Jammer perk helps to keep you off the radar, even when firing shots. This perk is useful against seasoned players who have become accustomed to watching the radar like hawks, and know all of the hiding places already. I highly recommend trying this with the Dead Silence perk and a knife. UAV Jammer is unlocked at level 11, Sergeant I.

Sonic Boom
The Sonic Boom perk gives your explosions some added range, and is great when used with the Martyrdom perk because it will see you taking out many people at a time as the grenade you drop will have a larger blast radius. This perk is unlocked out of the gates.

Overkill (38)
Easily the best perk in the game, Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons at once, in the primary and secondary slots. This means you can fulfill your dreams of being a sniper/shotgunner! You simply change weapons to where your pistol would be, and there’s your other weapon. This is great because you can switch weapons faster than you can reload, in my case, but also because it opens the maps up so that everyone can carry an ACOG weapon as well as an LMG/SMG or what-have-you. Highly recommended, worth all of the effort.

Double Tap (29)
Double Tap increases the rate of fire for your weapon. This really helps balance things out for weapons that have a slow rate of fire, and makes some weapons like the M16 MUCH better. I highly recommend using this perk with the Bandolier perk as you’ll be going through a lot more amo than usual. The Double Tap perk is unlocked at level 29 (1st Lieutenant I).

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